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    need some help choosing a snake

    I have finally got settled in to a new spot in orlando for school and i am able to have a reptile here. I have been thinking of getting a snake and would like some help with some suggestions. I want a snake that gets about no bigger then 5-6 feet smaller is fine. I also want a snake that does...
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    R Leachie breeders?

    yea steve has leachies almost none stop. I got my chewie from him and I could not wish to deal with a better person for my chewie.
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    Dwarf red tail boa

    He sure is a nice calm guy he is becoming my favorite reptile very fast.
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    Dwarf red tail boa

    I think you are right, I have been doing way more reading and looking at other boas on different forums. Thank you for the kind words and pointing me into the right direction.
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    Dwarf red tail boa

    So i went to repticon atlanta to get a kenyan sand boa and walked out with this awesome male dwarf red tail boa
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    kenyan sand boas ASAP

    read there are many good care sheets out there
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    Pangea Reptiles Crested Gecko Setup?

    I did not like them because the screen rusted out in about 8 months, I also could not hold humidity to good at all.
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    Pangea Reptiles Crested Gecko Setup?

    the gecko you get is great the cage not so much in my opinion.
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    Gargoyle for local pick up

    Reduced price listed for 50 bucks now and will drive up to 2 hours to sell or trade fora kenyan sand boa.
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    sand boas

    what is a good substrate aspen or sand and what is better a uth or a light?
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    Gargoyle for local pick up

    I have a one year old female for local pick up only in the Atlanta area. I will accept trade for a corn snake but that is it. The gargoyle comes with 12x12x18 inch exo terra, feeder ledge, magnetic vine, cork bark and sticks. all for 75 bucks. can bring to atlanta repticon if you would like...
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    My Cresties

    if you have that first guy on repti carpet you might want to think about changing him to paper towels, reason being that the repti carpet carries a lot of bacteria when it is kept humid.
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    Brazilian rainbow boa?

    thank you very much for the info it helped me out a lot.
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    Brazilian rainbow boa?

    How tame are these? how active are they in the day? can you start them off on pinky rats or no?
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    Percy's tail is half way off?

    Did you have the geckos together by chance?