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    Whiteout het Oreo females

    These girls are doing amazing and feeding great on dubias and occasional mealies. They all come from a Whiteout Oreo x Het Oreo pairing so they are 100% het Oreo. We offer multiple animal discounts. Female 1 11g $750 SHIPPED Female 2 9g $700 SHIPPED Female 3 9g $700 SHIPPED...
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    G. Araneus male

    We have been growing up a few Araneus and they are all now sexable. Turns out we have an extra male in the bunch. This beauty came from Jon and is feeding great on dubias and crickets. He is a young adult and starting to come into his true colors. We are asking $250 for this boy...
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    Vanilla Bee, Special, Pastel Enchi and more. ALL FEMALES

    We have been redirecting some of our projects and focusing on more specific projects so these girls are now available. All are eating f/t or live rats and ready to go. Multiple animal discounts available. Special (het Crystal) 350+g $850 SHIPPED Pastel Enchi 200g $850 SHIPPED...
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    Whiteout het Oreo female Facebook Auction

    We have this beautiful Whiteout het Oreo currently up for auction. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get into some top shelf AFT projects.
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    We are having an auction on our FB page. Stop by and check it out.
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    0.1 Special, 0.1 Vanilla Bee

    We have decided to let these two ladies go. The Special came from Jordan Russell and is currently 350+g feeding on live rats (occasional f/t feeder). The Vanilla Bee came from Scott Austin and is 300+g feeding on f/t rats. Both are doing great, currently on food, and ready for a new home. We are...
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    Whiteout het Oreo (1.4 available)

    These beauties are all feeding great on Dubia roaches and are looking brighter with each shed. The pairing that produced these was a Whiteout Oreo x Het Oreo, so all babies are 100% het Oreo. Get in on the Oreo project with a kick of Whiteout to boot. Take any one of these for $675 SHIPPED...
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    Whiteout Oreo project pair

    We have this beautiful Striped Oreo female and Whiteout 100% het Oreo male available. This girl came directly from JMG and is doing great. She may still breed this season. The male was produced from our Whiteout Oreo x Het Oreo pairing. You can get this pair and produce your own Whiteout Oreos...
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    0.1 Striped Oreo (28g)

    We have this beautiful Striped Oreo female for sale. This girl came directly from JMG and is doing great. She may breed this season still. We are only asking $1200 SHIPPED on this girl, or may be willing to trade for VISUAL Ghost or Zulu animals. Please feel to contact us with any questions or...
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    Beautiful AFT's

    We have this beautiful 1.3 Striped Whiteout het Oreo group available. All of these beauties came from a Whiteout Oreo x Het Oreo and all genetics are guaranteed. We are asking $750 SHIPPED each or 2 for $1300 Shipped. Willing to trade for VISUAL Ghost, Zulu, or Whiteout Patternless AFT as...
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    Anyone ever made a purchase from this site? (Not sure where to post)

    Its a wholesale animal price as they were most likely wholesale purchased. You will not have much, if any, records on the gecko and could have come from any breeder who they purchase from. I am not saying you wont get a healthy nice gecko...just saying that if you are unsure on purchasing online...
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    Launching a new website :-)

    I agree with Ghost but with it being a first attempt and just getting the hang of things the only thing I would say would be to try and "clean" up the text format and layout. For me personally, when I see big bolds and underlines it doesn't seem as professional. Also with the available I would...
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    Whiteout het Oreo (males and females)

    We have a few beautiful Whiteout het Oreos available from a Whiteout Oreo x het Oreo pairing. These are all 100% het Oreo and doing amazing on roaches and crickets. We currently have 2.3 available and are growing up 2 more females. We do offer group discounts and are willing to deliver if within...
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    Mack Snow Bold Stripe male

    We have decided to let this boy go as we have enough males for this project already. He has already begun breeding this year and is from my two biggest Bold Stripe pairing (120+g Mack Bold Stripe x 98g Bold Stripe). We will not be letting go to many of our Bold Stripes this year so this guy will...
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    Facebook Herp sales... Is there a tax?

    If you don't have a sellers permit or business license then you have no obligations to pay taxes on sales. I know a law has been approved (not sure when it takes effect) that will require taxes on all online sales...but the same applies above. If the IRS has no record of your business then you...