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  • Any coloration coming in on a SR is going to be coming in as SS pattern. I have never hatched any SR with a color cast over the entire body. Yes some have had spots of yellow tint to it but never the entire body. If you are going to be investing into the SR/SN projects then I strongly suggest buying from a reputable breeder who knows their genetics.
    He we've never spoken before but I've read many of you posts on super raptors, and you seem to have the most knowledge and experience with this morph. I've recently purchased a mac raptor female and was looking for a male mac raptor or super raptor. I've seen people selling what appears to be a diablo blanco with yellow tint as super raptor. I'm kind of new to this and know the two are very close, but my question to you is if a super raptor was showing some yellow tint wouldn't that tint be in the patern of a super snow and now soild like a blizzard? Any help greatly apprieciated
    Thanks. My feeble mind is contemplating a similar project; don't know if my old Airborne body will keep me going long enough to complete it. Had a nasty May West on ONE damn jump in 1972. My technique upon exiting the helicopter sucked. Equipment worked as well as it could, given my contorted exit. But that ankle is giving me fits upon occasion--spent the last five days recovering. Hmmm, should have tried for a disability upon exiting the Army but refused to do so. Now I reap the benefits of a stubborn mind.
    Travis -- you settled in yet? Hope so. I've been perusing the Forum and noticed a thread or two where you mention having a Blood Snow project. What came of that? Anything cool? Dead end? Still in progress? I'm intrigued.
    Hey, this is Alyssa. I just noticed that you tried to send John some messages. We're pretty new to being a member on this site and I don't think he knows there is a chat window. I will let him know that you sent him a message! Thanks for the beautiful geckos, we love them!
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