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  • Hahaha thanks Adam. Yeah that's Chachi, He was one of our show rabbits. H's a flemish giant rabbit. He weighed about 18 pounds :)
    good, haven't been having any luck getting any of my rough knobies to hatch yet so I'm kinda frusterated I hatched abunch last year and haven't changed and already lost my first 6 eggs so that sucks. I haven't hatched any mack raptors or anything like that yet I just started breeding those a week ago. Thats awesome man what you gonna do with them? I would love to pick up a male mack raptor or super raptor when I get ahead on some bills I'll buy one off ya, you got any possible males?
    Not bad. I hvae hatched about 60. I got some super raptors and mack raptors. I got this interesting one last night it came from a mack raptor x mack raptor pairing. It looks like a patternless. I got to show you and see what you think. How has your season been?
    Hey, This is the one who bought the 2 females from you not to long ago. I am still trying to figure out this whole website. Kinda confusing.
    Hey Adam! I couldn't remember what your User Name was on here! I just happened to see your post on the classifieds! Glad I did! The two leo's I bought from ya a couple weeks ago are doing great! I'm looking forward to seeing what they're able to produce! Hope everything's going well!

    what morph is tht in your avatar?
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