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  • Thanks for the feedback. I changed the text color a bit so isn't so bright. As far as grouping the morphs together it is is almost impossible because I would probably have to have 20 pages for all the stuff I carry. Some breeders only specialize in a couple lines so it makes the grouping easier. For instance do I post a giant under Tremper or under another page for giants? Unfortunately my website editor doesn't allow me to automatically post the same gecko on multiple pages all at once so I would be posting everything manually to each page. This would just get way to confusing. Another thing is that I work with over 20 species of reptiles so it would just end up being too many pages. Sorry that it's difficult but I try to group them together where I can. Most leopard gecko owners are interested in many different morphs so I don't think it's a big deal to most people. Thanks again for the suggestions.
    Saw your 'website update' thread, great pictures as always! I'd just suggest that you break up the blocks of white text on your homepage a little bit :( It's almost headache inducing if you actually try to read more than a paragraph. I also think that it'd be more helpful to consumers to make pages for different morphs instead of "Page 1", "Page2", etc. Just my two cents! :)
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