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    Hey gothicGurrl i was wondering if you have any leos your giving away i need some to breed
    yeah i was thinking about building a kinda rabbit run thing for them with small hole mesh so they cant squeeze out :D
    lol yeah that would be nice. erm.... easier said then done. mine are soooo determined once they have seen something they like or wont they will get it hahaha. the trick is just not frighten them, no sudden movements and such and stay away from areas with lots of plants or hole just incase they do dash for freedom :D
    yeah he love going out side in the summer! not for to long though as im worried about them getting burnt.
    he found that leaf so i put it on his head along with some grass he didnt mind lol he seemed to love it!
    :D wow, 6! I've only just got my first ever leo! :D I hope to have many one day, and hopefully breed some cool morphs!
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