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    A few of my favorite hogs I produced this season.

    Lisa, You are more than welcome to see the collection in person. However, these girls are staying put. LOL
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    A few of my favorite hogs I produced this season.

    These are from my very own Lava Line. Lava Line tiger albino Lava Line albino tiger conda Lava Line albino tiger conda
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    Tiger comparison.

    Just want to show the difference between my LAVA line tiger albinos compared to other tiger albinos that pop up every once in a while. Here is my Lava line tiger albino. And here is a tiger that is not from my LAVA line. This is a fine example of a tiger albino and we picked up a pair of...
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    Cool reduced patter albino Darwin.

    I really like all the white on this guy.
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    Leucistic Kings Monitors.

    Here are a couple we hatched this past season. Cant wait until we breed these two this season. Female. Male.
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    Female Darwin carpet 100% het albino.

    This girl is ready to breed. We have a high pink albino male that we are pairing her up with. Should be an exciting season for us.
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    Granite Spotted Python.

    Working with a few of these. Really cool species.
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    Toffee Conda!!!

    One of my favorite hogs in the collection.
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    Anaconda Hogs

    Those are awesome!!! Congrats.
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    Hatchling condas post shed.

    First is my hold back pair. And some of the others.
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    First ever in the US.

    Thanks Darren. They are pretty sweet. It is so cool that there is a color morph like this in varanids. People who never kept varanids what to get in on this project. LOL Its crazy.
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    First ever in the US.

    Thanks evryone!
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    First ever in the US.

    Just hatched this "leucistic" kings monitor a couple of days ago. It made it out fully and it is super healthy and strong as can be. Cant wait for the other clutches to hatch. Should be awesome to watch the color change on this one. And just to give you an idea on how small this hatchling is...
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    New Red Ackies .......

    Those are stunning reds.
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    Leucistic Varanus kingorum eggs on the ground.

    Darren, Thanks buddy! How have you been my friend?