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    Hi Gregg, I have been reading all of your posts / articles about substrate. My boys have a ball python and a leopard gecko. I would like to implement this in each of their tanks. I understand that this really affects humidity so would be good for the ball - but how would I regulate that for the gecko? Also in the winter, our house can get cold... Right now we use heat pads and heat lamps - if I put a solid top on - what would you suggest I do for heat? The 3 year old gecko is in a 20 gallon aquarium and the baby ball is in a 30. Thanks in advance - I think this is wonderful! I hate that they have been living so unnaturally - but everywhere we've gone we've heard papertowels - carpet - impaction!!.
    Hey Gregg,would you mind shooting me a PM?I have a couple questions for you,if you wouldn't mind.Or just add me as a friend,and we can do a Private chat if you wouldn't mind.Thanks!
    Things are going okay at my end but I will tell ya this I am tired of the cold weather I want Spring now. I know so does everyone eles lol but if it could just stay at 75 degress all year around I would be a happy person. ;)
    I was in quite a hurry to type the PM I sent the other day. Anyways, I was asking, where and when can I buy the new Natural SIM container that is half the Price of the orginal container?... I might be mistaken, but I believe I seen that.

    Shawn H
    Gregg, I need the article, or I need to know you can't do it so I can come up with a substitute.

    What is your problem dude? I don't need you to tell me how to breed reptiles, I've been at this long enough. You say your not trying to pick something apart here but I see your current activity thing here about you gettin all sparked up. Thanks for your opinion greg. You don't know me or are not familiar with anything I've done so who are you to talk to me about what I'm doing right or wrong. Other people do not agree with you, they're obviously avoiding the thread as I SHOULD have done to avoid this immature arguement that is happening here. And as far as getting an infraction from debbie on this thread, if there was integrity in this system then you would have gotten tagged for your initial comments to me when I was giving my opinion to someone else.
    hi bro...moderator huh?? beans
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