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    A week of pictures from the spider room

    WOWW!!!! Very cool! Thank for sharing!:)
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    Ghost Mantis! YAY!

    :main_laugh: ^ thanks!
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    Ghost Mantis! YAY!

    Little show off. :D I just love their usual looking dead leafs...and how they move like leafs in wind breeze. My mom watched them in excitement when they was in feeding time. Got them few day ago... yes they are sexed. I can't wait to breed them when they became adults...
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    Our little stow away

    I have over 12 chinese mantis in rearing containars... none of them looked like full of green. o.o I think this would be Religosa.
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    Brazillian Black

    I suggest you take picture of whole setup. I think basking stone'd be nice too. maybe large driftwood placed in middle. maybe fake vines behind it. i guess? :D BTW creepy looking T. lol
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    praying mantis legal? Help?

    I wanted to know if anyone ever lived in hawaii and owned praying manties? I'm not sure because I know most of animals are illegal in hawaii like hamster but my brother in law wanted me to mail it to him. I tried search through google, nothing speifiy informtion that I wanted. My question...
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    Gecko Time: Primer for Vivarium plants

    Really good info but what about desert reptiles? It would help a little. :)
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    Praying mantis care?

    This kind of mantis, is native to US. Tenodera aridifolia sinensis just making it clear.
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    Praying mantis care?

    THANKS! I already setup the small containors for nymphs. I have people asking me to raise them until they get to week old, then they'll be ready to go be pets. the problem I would need flies and mirco crickets. lol.
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    Praying mantis care?

    I'm not using them as feeders. I'm raising some as pet and also will let them nymphs go in my garden for pest control. C:
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    Praying mantis care?

    I want to know what to set up for enclouse because I ordered 3 eggs case today so i'm awaiting for it. I have tanks, plastic empty fish tank. anything but I wanyed to hear it from owners who had own this insect. How to care for mantis nymphs?
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    Anyone have any expericane with this plants if so, Can anyone tell me what kind of brand pertile and peat moss as soil? I'm in sort stuck because I ordered seeds of venus plant. I want to know where to find right brand of soil.
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    Kiwi showing off! lol.

    My little Kiwi baby. :) She's about 2 or 3 year old. :)
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    R.I.P Jackie <3

    Thank you, Kristi.
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    R.I.P Jackie <3

    oh dear. you make me drop some tears. :( I know im boy but i cried so hard and I was very angry with myself cause i was not careful. but You are right. without her... my family could never develop a love for reptiles... She was very calm and very sweet. she could just starte at me to get me to...