praying mantis legal? Help?


I wanted to know if anyone ever lived in hawaii and owned praying manties?

I'm not sure because I know most of animals are illegal in hawaii like hamster but my brother in law wanted me to mail it to him. I tried search through google, nothing speifiy informtion that I wanted.

My question, Are praying mantis legal to keep in hawaii?

I was going to send him couple or three chinese praying mantis nymphs.

(I dont want to reigster some bug forums to find a answer or ask about that topic)


Shillelagh Law
The short answer is that they are illegal.

The long answer is that Hawaii has a multi-tiered list of regulated, permitted and prohibited species, with very specific procedures which must be followed in order to bring any animal into the state. What they are, how they are brought in, what steps must be taken to get permission and upon arrival, who is allowed to have which species... all tightly regulated. Non-domesticated species, like a mantid are pretty much off the table for private ownership.

Here's a website, if you'd like to look over the details yourself, but "just sending" one or some- not legal.