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    Updated photos of my tokay pair. (A LOT OF PICTURES!!)

    The female- Lilly. Here is the male- Tokie
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    Getting cozy!

    Here is are my male and female, Male on the tank female on the log.
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    Tokay gecko pair

    Here are Belle and Tokie Hanging out. They are both doing great, they have wonderful appitites and are very active! Tokie has called out a few time but not on a constant basis. Tokie is in the front and Belle is in the back. I am going to put off building there new home untill we go on vacation...
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    Getting a new tank!YAY!

    On Friday I will hopefully be picking up a 55-65 gal hexagon aquarium. I am going to convert it in to my tokay geckos new home. I will be going over to the ladies house to check it out an see if I like it and if so I will be bringing it home. I was going to go with a zoo med or exo terra...
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    flying with reptiles

    Can you take a reptile as a carry on? I know you need vet papers but what else do you need? And can you?
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    Photo Contest Of The Month!

    Cheeze!! I'm Gonna eat you!!
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    Tokay gecko weights

    So I weighted my tokay geckos today. Belle is at 28.45G. and Tokie is at 55.57G. This is the first time I weighted eighter of them.
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    Belle- new female tokay gecko

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    New to the forum

    Hi!! Welcome to the Fourm. Love the leos! they are awsome looking critters.
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    How to weigh a gecko

    So I am now the proud owner of 2 tokay geckos, 1.1. My male is 11" and the female 8". but I want to get a weight on them. I have a eletric gram/oz scale that my husband uses for his hobbies. ( tobacco and reloading). How would I go about doing this?? Any suggusions?
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    Welcome to!

    I now own 2 tokay geckos 1.1. Belle and Tokie. They are getting along great. She is very active and feisty. She loves to eat!! I hope one day to breed them. I think I may be the first in Alaskas to breed them, I have not seen anybody advertise them. So this aught to be an interesting exsperiance. :)
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    New female-Belle

    Here are my two tokay getting to konw each other. Male- Tokie is on top of cave,female- Belle is on the floor.
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    What other pets do you have?

    Here is my russian tortorise lilly (turtle) as Georgiana calls her. Andy our male cat. Lucy our female cat. And my little angle Georgiana.
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    Un-Digested Poop?

    Some times if they eat to fast it dont digest. My tokay poops out cricket legs and things some times. Its normal.
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    Photo Contests

    Air plants would make a cool prize!! And they could be used in gecko homes ;) They are also very inexspensive.