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    Tips to getting Kenyans to eat

    Also i found out that water bowls are useless they never go near them and it makes the tub too humid i keep mine on play sand and i soak my FT mice for awhile and keep them dripping wet when i feed in a smaller size tub that i sit in the main en-closer so when she is done eating she craws out...
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    Hi my lovely reptile peeps and geeks

    Its depressing you took me off facebook:o
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    Photo tour of my spider room:

    Dang Joey your popping up on all the forums im a member of arent ya!
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    Tips to getting Kenyans to eat

    Not to egg on but i got mine when it only shed once and only fed once i think the breeder said.. but Have you tried putting the snake in a paper bag with the pinky?
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    Tips to getting Kenyans to eat

    My female anery has ate every week since i got her and thats been almost 2 years ago.
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    Tips to getting Kenyans to eat

    whaaa i have never heard of a Kenyan not eatting thats weird
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    new chest piece i got awhile ago

    Thanks Mel and Kristi ! :D
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    new chest piece i got awhile ago

    i totally forgot topost it here soooo here it is.... imma get it finished when i get more moneys
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    On the other hand boas arent that big honestly... I use to have a retic and i have a buddy with 5 retics and has plenty of room for them in his place. And retics are like 10x the size of any boa.
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    Back in the saddle

    Talk about EVIL EVIL EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL snakes lol:main_thumbsup:
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    Name this animal!!!!

    It looks more of a box turtle to me
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    Having a child to save a child!?

    My parents would do my friends with the same illness as me would do it too heck my friends Brother gave bone marrow to him for a bone marrow transplant.. my friend didnt make it sadly.. RIP Mario gone but never forgotten my brother!
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    Ridiculous Prices

    Enjoy it now cuz it wont be around for very long if obama is still prez :/
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    Finally, BTS breeding!

    Dang Joey i never knew you were a member here haha.... Congrats on the BTS breeding!
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    My Sunburst Orange Babboon Tarantula aka OBT

    I agree with you but i have seen some people hold their OBT's and the spider was actually calm and not trying to murder them lol... Ill never hold mine and she will never come out of the cage unless im putting her in a bigger one lol