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  • Jarrett, you smartass, Ill never forget you hounding me for more pics and to come for a visit. we may have butted heads but i still loved you the way you were. I wish we got to talk more, and i wish you got to enjoy more of the splendors of life. While i am happy your suffering has come to an end, I am sad because you left so many of us here wanting more of you! Be sure to come for a visit, i'll always be here if you need me. I wish things turned out differently for you. you were far too young to have to leave so soon, but I know where ever you are, you have tons of snakes and geckos surrounding you and protecting you. fly high, and watch over all of us, and please pass some of your wit onto us im sure a lot of us could use one of your great come backs now and again.
    Rest In Peace Jarrett. I miss you, my friend. I'm glad we got to know each other. You are one of a kind. I'll never forget you. "Tio loves you."
    I'm north of Austin in Rusk, its a very little town, you've probably never heard of it.
    argggghhh i'm so bored!!! just gonna leave really long msgs on everyones page :) so how is everyting going? good? how are the animals?
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