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    SHTCTB females

    I am looking :main_robin: for an exceptional shtctb female that is an adult or almost ready to breed. Thanks Aaron Jones
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    ADULT NOVA and two PROVEN breeder raptor females

    $300 SHIPPED!!!!:main_laugh:
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    ADULT NOVA and two PROVEN breeder raptor females

    still available.
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    ADULT NOVA and two PROVEN breeder raptor females

    I am offering for sale a great group of geckos. Adult male nova and two adult proven breeder raptors they are all healthy and in good condition they are feeding on dubia roaches and superworms. each female has succefully produce 4 clutches so far. $350 plus shipping I ship with...
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    ss tremper male and female mack

    I have a nice pair of adult proven breeders that I have decided to sell. The male is a very productive breeder he is a super snow tremper albino with two all red eyes. The female is a mack snow and has produced some outstanding offspring. Iam open to all offers on this pair:D. No...
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    Adult SS tremper albino.....

    sorry wrong forum.
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    Adult SS tremper albino.....

    I have a nice Super snow tremper albino( two all red eyes) and a female mack snow they are proven breeders. They are both in excellent health and condition. Iam open to all offers:D just no trades at this time. Thanks Aaron Jones
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    Adult male Nova!!!

    Proven BREEDER adult male NOVA . he is in perfect condition and ready for all of your breeding projects why buy an 09 when you can get a adult male. He is feeding on mealworms and dubia roaches. $550 shipped or best offer but no trades. Thanks...
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    found them!! Thanks Garrick at :main_laugh:
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    I am in need of two or three adult female raptors to breed to my adult nova.:main_evilgrin: Thanks Aaron Jones
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    LOL Check the chin out on this guy. Aaron Jones:D
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    LOL :Dcheck the chin out on this guy. Aaron Jones
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    Look at what I produced!!!!

    more pics I will try and get some more pics up maybe tomorrow . I appreciate you all being honest about your opinions. and no hard feelings on my end. :main_cool3:
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    another pic (DARK LEO)

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. I would just like to say thanks for all the great input everyone has given me. Im excited about working on this project wether or not it proves to be genetic or not will only be a bonus.
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    Look at what I produced!!!!

    very nice nice pics. Im not trying to brag show of etc. I know there are always skeptics and im not claiming it is a new morph I just posted the pics to get some thoughts on what could be going on with the genetics of my gecko. I have no reason to alter the photos and I meant in no way to...