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  • Thats great to hear that he produced some great geckos for you.....I would be very interested in a female or two or three from the breeding with the electric.....I have another male 90plus % CT that is ready to breed now he is from my line of tangs the same that fridolin came from....Iam really excited about this male that I have since he has not yellowed out or gotten darker....also if you have any females left that fridolin produced i would be interested in them...I am working on setting up a group in hopes to produce something special! well I dont have a website yet but that is in the very near future.

    can you send me some pics of your 100% ct female

    Hi Aaron,
    I sold Fridolin at a show last October, but he produced very DARK Tangs, among them my 100% CT, Lucille. She'll be breeding with my Electric from Kelli this year. I sold her sisters (all dark Tangs with 30-90% CT), and one is being used by somebody who has a Dark Project. Fridolin himself turned lighter light yellow with the years, but his daughters and granddaughters are more of a rusty brown. Haven't seen you post for quite a while!! Do you have a website? Best greetings, and have a successful 2012, Chrissy
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