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    May I use the second photo as the background on my computer? That picture is unbelievable.
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    Gorgeous Chondro! What locale? I'm guessing Aru?
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    Sub-section for "What morph am I?"

    I realize that there are all these fancy new calculators out for determining offspring of a particular pair. However, the questions regarding "What morph am I" "Please identify my new gecko" are still quite prolific, in my opinion. I never really thought that these types of questions really...
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    What is the best flavor of crested gecko diet?

    My leachie likes the Original flavor. I believe it's strawberry banana.
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    First ever in the US.

    Really cool! Congrats. :)
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    XRay Evaluation: "What's Wrong In The XRay Part 4"

    Yes. This poor kitty had a diaphragmatic hernia, in other words, a hole in her diaphragm, which allowed most of her small and large intestine to slip through and sit in the chest. Since this was a feral, there wasn't much we could do for the poor kitty. She was humanely euthanized. Apparently...
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    XRay Evaluation: "What's Wrong In The XRay Part 4"

    Signalment: Unknown age, guessing about 6 to 8 years old, spayed female, domestic shorthair feline. Feral cat. Presents for anorexia (not eating). Physical Exam: Temperature normal/ small kidneys, barely able to palpate/ short of breath, open mouth breathing/ heart rate elevated, but within...
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    HSUS/PETA is behind all of the reptile ban legislation.

    I can't believe I missed this. This is amazing! LOL! Shared on my Facebook, and will be shared with my co-workers.
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    I don't like how that looks. Is that pus? It looks infected to me. I'd have an exam done by a reptile-friendly DVM.
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    Oh... And I do agree with the OP's decision to kill it. If there is a baby involved in the situation that could potentially be harmed, she did what she needed to do. I understand everyone's predispositions about having compassion for the animal and relocating it. But when there is a child...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    I do! And I'm sure the OP does too. I like learning new things.
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    Happy Birthday, Kelli!!

    Go Kelli! It's your birthday! Go Kelli! It's your birthday! Sorry, got carried away for a minute. Hope your birthday is fantastic! :)
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    Leachie Sitting

    Beautiful Leachies! I have one myself, they are fascinating creatures.
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    Ovariosalpingectomy : Eublepharis macularius

    TFO_AX_nJkw -Click "Go Advanced" and click the "Youtube" button -In between the stuff written in the brackets, copy and paste everything in the site address that is written past "watch?v=" and before "&feature"
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    Aliza, I guess you are correct. Thanks for the heads up.