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  • hi thanks for your comment on my skinny leopard gecko ive uploaded some pics of her nw what would u recommened also added more info on that post if u could help me it would be much thanked for
    thanks for your help, i see that u r from miami, im from miami and just moved to utah in august 09 for an intership
    Pls read message below between me and Tony, I was referred to you in hopes you could better assist me...

    (Me to Tony)
    Can you please give me a link to information regarding methods of euthanasia please. I have searched and a lot of forums and they seem just be more like debates then actual helpful info. I never in my life thought I'd consider such a thing but I have a severly deformed hatchling and would just like some info please. Ive seen you suggest feeding the hatchling to a larger herp but my others are not the kind that I could do that with. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    (Tony's reply): Maia (JordanAng420) would be the best person to ask, she is a vet tech and could tell you the most current information on the topic.

    ---------- Thanks Maia, any advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Ive bred other herps and this is my 1st season breeding leos and unfortunatly my first deformed hatchling aside from a slightly kinded bearded dragon tail or something minor/cosmetic.
    hi i got a new leo this past weekend he was fine for 2 days then he quite using his back legs. i have no idea of whats going on please help me. xoxo lp
    Hi! His name was Mike from When I posted I had literally only had them for a few minutes so I hope he replies. I bought 4 and the other 3 are gorgeous (too tiny). They are ones I picked from pics but this one is not from the pics I was shown.
    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out with my gecko. :(

    I need to know if it's possible for them to get an ear infection. Please check out Fallen_Angel's recent thread in the medical section as she explains it all with a video I took. (neurological problem, possible cause)
    plus i think it was the fact you had 420 in the end of your name made it easy to remember, must be YOU....
    hi, was trying to find a response you posted where you spoke of some enigmas being tested for physiological 'things', If i have the correct person, you're a vet, yes?

    my name is Duane, i see you're creating a fight club thread, if you could tell me ANYTHING about this fight club thing it'd be
    so i feel like i am not in the dark ages..
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