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    Matt Baronek - A & M Gecko

    That's to bad Ryan, I think you should post it on BOI too, you have nothing to lose, and people that will back you up.
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    Your dream AFT morph!

    Striped Patternless White Out :main_thumbsup:
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    A Couple New BP Pics

    They look awesome Kristi, I think a Lemonblast or Pinstripe female would be a great addition.
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    Adult Super zero white out

    Looks amazing Jeff!
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    New Amel Group Came In Today

    Does Mike have some of them? Congrats, they all look amazing!
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    Question on Spotnose

    There is really not a lot people working on them, or maybe they are interested on other combos, I really like powerballs you should try on getting one, or at least a Spotnose!
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    Thinking about getting into ball pythons...

    Great decision Kristi, you wont go wrong. It´s a lot of fun mixing all the morphs, you will start with a great collection. A male can breed about 5 females a season, I have heard of males breeding with around 7 females! But it´s not good, any questions we can help :)
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    Austin Reptile Show

    I might be going, but I don't know yet, which is better San Antonio or Austin?
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    My Nosy Be male

    Great blue on that guy!
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    I'm thinking

    Make sure she's growing okay, sometimes theres some that tend to grow slower. Also what they eat..
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    eat your hearts out ball breeders.

    I agree, three years and that big. My advice keep her growing more... I have a female that weights around 3,500g (around 5 years) she lays about 11-13 eggs each season, I want a female that is 6,000g :) I only know two, yours and Brock Wagners..
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    I think your captain is going crazy

    I dont live on Cancun, but Kelli, you need to go... best place for vacations. VIVA MEXICO!
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    Kelli, happy birthday, have a great day with your family!
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    Introducing SPLICER and PLASMID!

    Really great eric, I am glad you're buying some BP's, I need to put some of mine :)
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    Our newest addition

    Nice addition, I am a huge fan of red cresteds!