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  • Hey Jorge. Just checking in on shipping again. I'm sending geckos out Tuesday and Wednesday this week as long as temps are good where they're going. Let me know if one of those days will work for you.
    Hello Jorge, I'm trying to visit this site more often. There is a bunch of good stuff on here. Take care!
    Jorge, all is going well here in Ohio. I let you know when I start hatching some of our cool Fatty projects :).

    How have you been and what are you working on? Good to hear from you!
    This season is going great! I added a few Sunglows this week to the site and a couple more will added in a week or two.

    The snowglow should be an interesting project. GL. I'm glad the SS is putting on weight. She was a little piggy. What are you going to breed her to?

    It's late and I'm going to bed. TC Jorge
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