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    Super worm “squirt”

    Haha that's pretty gross! You're fine though just wash it off. It won't cause any harm
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    Working on improving gecko forums!

    Working on improving gecko forums!
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    IME the pads will heat up the tile which is nice because it will retain heat and warm your geckos belly up :)
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    Get gecko to eat mealworms

    Welcome to the forum! You may have to wait him out a little bit unfortunately. Have you considered trying dubia roaches or other insects?
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    Terrarium Size Suggestions

    Howdy! Welcome to the forum! I usually don't recommend cohabitation for different species. Many people do it and get away with it, but if there are ever any issues it's usually the first thing I'd point to. That being said, sizing still sounds a little on the small side - definitely for 3...
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    Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing
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    Gecko Trio For Sale

    Can you post pics? How much for all three shipped to socal?
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    Normal or high yellow?

    Welcome to the forum! Looks like a very nice high yellow!
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    Crested Gecko not feeding

    Keep offering. You can try to elevate temps a bit. Make sure they stay at 75-80 degrees 24/7
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Morph ID help

    here's a good guide to get you started
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Giant Madagascar Day Gecko Advice

    Hey and welcome to the forum! A nice ficus would look really cool. Maybe even a big pothos if you can zip tie it to a branch or something!
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    Aquarium for leopard geckos?

    That'll work perfectly!