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  • How's your sand boa?? Saw your really old thread :)

    I'm very set on a Kenyan and I'm going to somehow convince my boyfriend to let me get one in the next year lol.
    Thanks for the advice my nitrates tested zero last weeks so I added some zoanthrids (sp)
    i know what you mean i had to get rid of one of my 75, i have a 75 community planted a 75 discus plantd( well starting to plant it) and a 125 reef wich i might take down o make another planted buy idk, and i just took down a 56 column
    thanks for all ur help!!!!!! lovely dicus!!!!! how big is ur discus tank!!!!!! and is it planted???? i just turned my reef tank into another planted tanks, if u ever need plants i could give u some
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