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    Rack requiring two separate pieces of heat tape?

    Hey guys, just wanted to ask you guys opinion on something. I recently bought a couple different hatchling racks from a friend of mine. They are all the same, however the rack is divided into two sides which requires two pieces of heat tape for 1 rack. Would you guys recommend splicing the heat...
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    good place to buy feeders.

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a company that sells feeders. I usually get my feeders through rainbow mealworms without issue, however I assume due to the covid pandemic that's happening right now, there is a two-week wait before they will even ship their feeders. I I...
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    Preferred way of delivery/Waste of supplements

    So I dust all feeders with either their calcium or multi vitamins. I also have bottle caps with calcium powder in the enclosures at all times. However, a lot of the calcium powder ends up spilled and spread around the enclosure rather than eaten by the geckos. Is doing both necessary or...
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    Heat Packs??

    Admins - Wasn't sure what section to put this in, so please feel free to move where you see fit. Hey Guys, So I was just wondering do heat packs ever expire? I was about to ship out some animals, and grew concerned about the heat packs. The heat packs I would have been using (I haven't...
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    Thank you guys for the responses, and the advice. I have read nothing but good things about JMG reptiles, and was very interested in getting some of their bloodlines in my collection. Still am, just wanted to be sure their page is still current. I will also check them out on FB, thanks guys.
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    Recently I have been looking at several websites only to find out that the website doesn't have any animals on it, the page hasn't been updated, or the breeder is no longer in business. One website I was in question of would be JMG reptiles. I was recently on their website, and noticed that...
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    what morphs would i get?

    A high yellow with a murphy patternless will give you Normals/High yellows het for patternless. Murphy Patternless is a recessive gene, which means the animal will need two copies of the gene (1 from the mother and 1 from the father) to be visible. Your best bet with the two you have now...