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    Some Unique and One of a Kind Leopard Geckos Available!

    I am selling 90% of my leopard gecko collection so many of these are the last I will ever produce out of some exclusive projects that I have spent many years working on. Please email me at [email protected] with questions or to purchase. I will be listing up at least 100 adult breeders in the...
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    My Two Lovely R. auriculatus Gals

    These two sweeties came from my buddy Mike from Alpha Geckos. I am so happy about how they are coloring up so nicely! Now I am on the hunt for a stellar male to comeplete my little group. :)
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Thank you! Sodapop, Lucy, Ethel and Fatty are from Spice Dragons. Dolly, Damien and Owen are from Down Under Dragons.
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    RIP Lucy

    So sorry for your loss!
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Owen - Red Hypo Male Damien - Red Hypo Female Dolly - Yellow Het Hypo Female Sodapop - Red Hypo Translucent Male Lucy - Red Hypo Translucent Female Ethel - Red Leatherback Translucent Het Hypo (pictured with Sodapop) I am incubating my first beardie clutch ever...
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    Do you think Enigmas should still be bred from??

    Exactly, to each his own! By the way I love the quote in your sig, I'm a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan. ;-)
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    5 lined skink keeping

    I'm not sure of a good source for them but I would set them up in a more natural type setup with a nice basking area with lots of flat rocks stacked up as well as a humid area where they can dig. UV light is a must of course. I've always liked 5 lined skinks.
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    Magical Geckos reptile rooms

    I like it! I'd be hitting my head all the time though (I'm a clutz)!
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    Do you think Enigmas should still be bred from??

    It's up to the individual breeder. Some like Enigmas, some do not. I personally love them but the closed mindedness about them wore me down over the years so I don't have many now.
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    What is it with people!?! - Beware - Rant

    moved to rants and raves ;-)
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    Female Electric Tangerine

    This girl is now $200 SHIPPED! She produces amazing babies.
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    Radar Project Animals!

    Pictured first is ID#: 11-358. He is a male Emerine Eclipse Het Radar. He hatched on 11/14/11 and weighs 15 grams. He is priced at $125. Next is ID#: 11-351, a female Emerine Striped Bell Het Radar. She hatched on 11/18/11 and weighs 12 grams. She has the tiniest kink at the tip of her tail...
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    Female Electric Tangerine

    This girl has produced some amazing Electrics for me! She hatched in 2007 but still produces well. Last year she gave me 6 fertile clutches. She will be ovulating soon. She weighs 71 grams and is priced at $250 shipped. If you have questions or would like to add this girl to your...
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    Females: Bold Stripe Bell, Bold Stripe Mack, Afghanicus and more...

    ID#: BMS-02 Sex: Female Morph: Bold Stripe Mack Snow Hatched: 2010 Weight: 71 grams Price: $100 Notes: Proven Breeder --------------------------------------------------------------------- ID#: 11-200 Sex: Female Morph: Bold Stripe Bell Hatched: 06/05/11 Weight: 46 grams Price: $150 Notes...