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  • hi kelli i am looking for a mack eclipse or mss eclipse female and a emerine het. Radar female. Do you have something for me? rg markus
    Just wanted to drop a line and say hi! I picked up an awesome SHTCTB Male from you at a Houston-area reptile expo around 2006. I moved a couple times and got away from breeding but held onto him. He's still gorgeous and doing great (albeit feisty as all get out!). I'm planning to pair him with a few girls I picked up from the guys at Ohio Gecko at a local expo a few weeks ago as soon as they grow up a bit. Can't wait to finally see what he produces! Thanks again for an awesome start in the hobby!
    hi. i was wondering if you could help me out. my thread is dont know which albino. thank you
    Hello i was just wondering what happened to craig of moonrockreptiles and if hes still selling:) I heard you know him
    Hello Kelli I hope that everything is going good with you just stop by to say hi to you. :)
    Hi Kelli, I am new to the forum and have loved looking at your leopard gecko's. My son is 11 and he is going to be getting his first gecko as he has wanted one pretty much since he could talk. We are really looking forward to getting everything set up and making our purchase. My question is; is it a bad idea to purchase from Petsmart? We really like your geckos(if you have any for sale now) but we dont want to spend $200 on his first Leo. Is there somewhere we can see your currently available along with prices? Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you. Chris C.
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