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    Flour as mealworm substrate?

    I found a package of old almond flour in my pantry and I'm wondering if it's a good substrate to use for mealworms or superworms. Also, how long should I use the substrate for before replacing it?
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    Cheap live feeder crickets near west coast USA?

    I usually get my leo's feeder crickets from PetSmart, which sells them for about 11 cents each. Live crickets online are always cheaper, but the shipping costs are very high because most cricket farms are over a thousand miles away from Oregon, where I live. Hence, buying 11 cent crickets from...
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    Arcadia Deep Heat Projector Clamp?

    I got the 50w DHP from Arcadia for my leo and I'm wondering what the clamp size should be.
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    What morph is my boy?

    Thank you Aliza!
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    What morph is my boy?

    I got this leopard gecko a few months ago and I think he's about ~5 months old now!