Cheap live feeder crickets near west coast USA?


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I usually get my leo's feeder crickets from PetSmart, which sells them for about 11 cents each. Live crickets online are always cheaper, but the shipping costs are very high because most cricket farms are over a thousand miles away from Oregon, where I live. Hence, buying 11 cent crickets from my local PetSmart still usually ends up cheaper because I don't need to worry about shipping costs.

To save a bit of money, I've been giving my leo mealworms, and he's been doing fine on them. However, he clearly likes crickets more - which are unfortunately more expensive. With that said, I am wondering if anybody here knows of any good cricket farms near Oregon that sell cheap crickets, so that I won't need to deal with exorbitant shipping costs?

Thank you! :)
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I see that Bassetts Cricket Ranch is in Northern CA. I know that's about 900 miles away, but I get my crickets from TopHat Crickets in MI which is the same distance away from me in MA. They do 2 day delivery and it's no problem.