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    EXACTLY Nevin.... sigh-_-. *tear
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    what are you listening to part II? Closertoyou.mp3 For all u love birds out there, keep the love going! =]
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    Gecko giving the "I Love You" sign. Lol.

    LMAO awwwww!!!!!!! too cute...nice one Allee, must've been hard to take that shot. xD
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    Two Tailed Albino and the Wife =]

    THANKS EACH AND EVERYONE OF U FOR THE LOVE!!!! Ill make sure to pass it onto him and her=D *hugs and gecko licks =p
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    Two Tailed Albino and the Wife =]

    Well when we got him at the pet store, the employee stressed him out enough to lose his tail , 2nd time lost his tail again but never fully came off, so when the new one grew, it just intertwined. lol nope, its was human error =\ hes happy though hehe
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    We did member pics... What about dog pics?

    SHES BEAUTIFUL! *pinches cheeks hehe
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    We did member pics... What about dog pics?

    Love this Post. Ok im ready, Heres my Boxer and My German =D ******YOU NEVER GET THE DOG/s YOU WANT BUT U GET THE DOG/s YOU NEED****** I <3 them ENJOY! SURFS UP DUDE! Sometimes i dont think shes a dog =\ Begging for ATTENTION Zora <3 a.k.a POO POO FEET lol...
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    Two Tailed Albino and the Wife =]

    My TWO TAILED Albino EDand his Newly added Beautiful Wife LIBBY:D
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    niccccccceeeee. Thanks a lot! my male wont have to fight to get his woman now lol. =D
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    Prayer Request

    I hope your grandson will be okay, and for him to get well very soon. He is in my prayers, for a=him and your family. W. love, light and many blessings, Marie
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    Omen, Spirit, VooDoo, Crimson, Hades, Alchemy (DUW)

    Awwww! Huge bucket of adorableness =) Kudos on the names. Love itxD
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    So on a scale of bad is it..

    I actually know how u feel. My brother had to pay $60,000 for student loans after he graduated.. But... Want vs. Need. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. Settle for what you need never go for what you want, or else it going to be a bumpy ride. You can try to get creative and earn those few...
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    Close-ups of my baby

    I SECOND that Fe! Great name choice too =):main_thumbsup:
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    I don't think people like that are in their right minds. He probably thought it was okay but it wasn't right.. That's on him now, were all still learning right? Now he knows that he should fix himself. I don't believe in accidents though, everything happens for a reason.
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    Under-Tank Heaters

    I forgot to add that it was only for summer xD... I keep my therm. Near the ground ..its 85-90 for him....but he seems to really go to his cool side hide on summer days ... Thanks =) Good looks Marcia :main_thumbsup: