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  • Ahhh! My leo Fianlly eat! last two day ago! I found out that reason why? because when i put a heat front of her tank (since it 's getting cold) so It heats my le tank my leo started to come to normal. and left a surpirse for me. (poop) then later i bought mealworms and crickets... she ate one cricket then today She just ate about 6 mealwomrs and 2 cricket! She was acting like normal that she used to be! Ahhh Her tank isnt warm enough so that's why. I have her on 5 gallon heat mat, Im gonna get her 20 gallon heat mat sooner. thank for your help. I did bath thing on her :D
    Thanks! :) Did your leo have problems of refusing to eat? it annoys me alot but thank for help :]
    I have exactly problem with my leo not eating! :( Did you bought this leo from pet store?
    My leo is not eating now he dont look like he is skinny. He just have bloat belly argh!
    nope no cast it's all me in there I was just on cruches. Only two week's left and I CAN WALK AGAIN!!!!!HAHA
    yup I was the one hobbelin around on the cruches, did'nt stay long only crap was it crowded and kind of disapointing.
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