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    Selling entire collection

    I am looking to move my entire collection. With college, kids and everything going on I just don't have the time they deserve. They are just coming out of brumation and are eating very well. The collection includes a male/2 female trio of Acid Stripes from Travis Kuhse at Enigmatic reptiles...
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    Awesome beardie specimen

    Hello gang, I am the Virginia Tech Wildlife Society Animal Chairman for the upcoming 2013-2014 school year. I am looking an awesome non-normal bearded dragon that will grab the attention of everyone who enters the College of Natural Resources. This beardie will be the mascot of the Wildlife...
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    New hide box..

    So I have created a new hide box for my corn. It is solid black plastic (basically a mac n cheese container from Kroger). I was wondering when it comes to putting opening(s) should I do the top, the side? Just 1 or maybe 2 on opposite sides? I know snakes like to feel secure do they like...
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    Frozen Pinkies

    Hey guys. Some of you may know that I just moved out into the sticks of western Virginia. I am having trouble finding frozen pinkies out here. I've checked online, rodentpro is out until Oct and a few other sites are no longer doing frodents. Can you guys recommend a seller that has stock...
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    Mealworm Supplier

    Got my mealworms today. They were looking good and active. Put them in the included bedding which was a nice touch. I would have appreciated a notice that they were shipped but I can overlook that for quality. Jeff Abersold
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    Enigmatic Reptiles

    New gecko family arrived today. I would show you guys some pictures of the Acid Stripes that Travis sent over but you'd all just die from being so jelly. They look fantastic, and seriously I will post pics as soon as I don't have to eat at Subway for internet.
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    Mealworm Supplier

    Ok. I gave them a small order to see how they are. Thanks for the recommendation.
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    Mealworm Supplier

    I am looking for a company to order my mealies from. I randomly picked someone last time and they showed up in a box filled with newspaper and it was pure hell trying to separate 5,000 mealworms from wads of newspaper. Who do you guys use?
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    Enigmatic Reptiles

    Travis K over at Enigmatic Reptile has been fantastic in our dealings. I will not receive my geckos until next week (by my own request) and I will post an update after I have the actual animals but I expect NO issues to arise. He has bent over backwards to accommodate my requests and answer...
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    Electric Tangs

    Be forewarned, I am NOT prepared to buy right now. I am looking to set up potential purchases sometime around the first to middle part of September. With that said, new hatched or incubating hatchlings are fine. I am looking to buy 3 females and 1 male that come from a strong lineage as these...
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    Looking for strawberry motley

    Preferably from this season's hatchlings. Already ready, or will be within a few weeks. Anyone know any breeders?
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    The Worm Company - Don't Bother.

    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum or whatever, but I feel it would be remiss to not warn my fellow herp community regarding this advertiser at the top of your page. I placed my order on Saturday morning. Not only did his website charge me 3 times for the same order (which I have not...