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  • Hey you! I picked up two baby bearded dragons from a friend ;) they're only a month old, and i WATCHED one of them hatch!:D How's everything been? Schoooooool starts soon! yikes. You're a senior this year too, right? :)
    that sounds exciting!! those are pretty snakes! :) aren't they poisonous though?(stupid question... tehe)
    I want toooo! I've just got to do the research first and wait and see if my SHTCT is going to be able to breed once her tail grows back o: I sold both my "het bell" girls, i couldnt breed them anyways since Triton is a tremper x)

    its okay though, her tail is starting to grow back, its healing it happens like...two weeks ago i think? two or three weeks ago. She's fat and happy, and eating like a big, she just wont let me really hold her anymore :/

    haha already got it covered!! *looks behind me at mealworm colony* gonna order a couple thousand more just to make sure i have enough for all 6 creatures x)

    What's going on in your reptile world? :)
    I don't get a notification when you comment back on your own profileeeeeee! :p haha sounds fun xD
    I was thinking about starting a breeding project! but my SHTCT dropped her tail! :'( oh well... just gives me more time to research and prepare, or forget about it all together :p I'm getting another BD here soon, but this time a hatchling!!!! :D
    I'm open to alot right now. I missed by ball pythons i sold last year and want another snake. I'd like a bigger one. I don't really care male or female. Don't really care about age either. It'd be nice if you knew the hatch date or age though. What kind of snake do you have?
    My HANDS ARE RED!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid tech teacher. we did a cosmetology unit and today we did fake scars on our hands, and tomorrow is our graduation pictures!!!! THE RED STAINED!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! :main_angry: :furious3:
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