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    This is not an update to me as much of a complaint. The adds in this site are obnoxious. I can't...

    This is not an update to me as much of a complaint. The adds in this site are obnoxious. I can't currently see what I'm typing. It covers half to three quarters of my screen. If I get rid of it it comes back right away. I am on an Android phone :/
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    Resurection Fern

    No but I'm sure you can. They need a high humidity so something like a crested gecko would be required otherwise your lizard would be in in danger
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    Leopard Gecko was harrassed by cats and his tail fell off

    That's no good.. I'm sorry for your loss. I guess he just didn't have the nutrition to keep going. My condolences
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    Leo Gecko Not Eating, Hard Belly

    Ummm good for extra nutrition. Close to a fain feed? But most use as great. Plus out of all of those they're the least cheap. They can't be bread because they're irritated so not to give birth and have a pest outbreak in the US. They come from Chili
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    A little holiday cheer!

    Either way she looks adorable. (Even if I'm a little late)
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    Leo Gecko Not Eating, Hard Belly

    Anything with a tough she'll. Mealworms are kinda trash all around. Butterworms, calci worms, small dubia roaches would be good
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    Beardie tail

    So my beardie around a year ago had a bit of stuck shed and to get it off she bit it. She took a chunk out the side and this seemed to cut off it's circulation or something as it got shriveled and ended up calling off. I decided it would be fine after watching it for awhile. So I've been waiting...
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    Leo Gecko Not Eating, Hard Belly

    That looks very similar to the first Leo I ever got. She had impaction from the petstore though I didn't know enough to know batter. However I understand your lizard isn't on sand but that is not really a good enough thing to say she couldn't possibly have it. They lick everything. It's just...
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    Leo Gecko Not Eating, Hard Belly

    A vet visit would be best overall. He's always lived in calci sand if assume so there's a large chance he has impaction. Let's hope he doesn't need anything like surgery. Plus though he could have other problems. Hope he can recover soon. Do you have pictures of him when you first found him. I'm...
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    Need Tank Ideas

    You could try some really small geckos like the mourning gecko. Or even some giant snails
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    New to geckos.

    Eco Earth is pretty great (I completely reccomend it actually), might wanna mix it with another substrate. This can help it look more natural and do more specific things for your animals such as humidity and holding it's shape. Super worms can be a staple feeder, remember the eye rule though...
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    Mandarin Noir desir eye

    It's eye looks like a void sucking it's surroundings in. I like
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    Bearded dragon food -› money's tight

    I should've been more specific. She has her lamps, vitamins, calcium. I just have troubles getting her to eat vegetables really. She hates them all. Other than that I have troubles with keeping her hydrated. Should I just mist her everyday? This doesn't seem to help her. I give her baths about...
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    Is it too soon to pick up my gecko?

    Sounds like you can just go at it. Gentle of course. Leopard geckos can be trained basically by force. At keast tgats what id reccomend