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    Tank/temp questions

    Thank you! That was my next thought. I have a tank which is about 2.5 foot. I will look at getting another bulb.
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    Tank/temp questions

    Hello! I bought Leopard (names by my six-year-old) on Sunday and it he hasn’t eaten yet. I’be tried live crickets (Sunday) and meal worms every day since, but nothing. I’m also worried my tank is too cold. I have a heat pad, which I set to 32oC, but my air temperature thermometer only reads...
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    Leopard Gecko Lighting

    Thank you! If I have a ceramic heat lamp and a heat mat, what should the heat may thermostat be set at? My bulb is a 60w. Thanks.
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    Leopard Gecko Lighting

    Hi. We’ve just bought an albino leopard gecko, and I can’t seem to get the heating right (common, I know). I have a 60w ceramic bulb in there (tank is about 2ft). It’s a glass tank. I also have a UV light, but I know they don’t give out heat. I’ve just ordered a heat mat and thermostat. Does the...