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    What morph is this?

    Looks like a harlequin to me?


    Welcome to the forums! I had cresties for several years. I also taught gifted kids' workshops for several summers at my alma mater and brought crested geckos for children to learn about how to maintain them. I never bred them, but got them as babies and had them until they were big, strong...

    100 gallon terrarium question

    My tanks were either 10gallon glas tanks from PETCO for the baby geckos or 48x18x18 wooden custom-made cages. When I put a juvenile into a bigger tank, I always put food dishes and calcium dishes in different parts of the larger cage.

    Crested/Tokay Hybrid

    I am fascinated by hybrids, too. I used to have a crested-chahoua hybrid. He was my prettiest and tamest gecko ever. He's pictured in the article mentioned above "Gecko Hybridiztion" by GeckoTime.

    Hi I am a soon to be leopard gecko owner

    Welcome to the hobby! You have a nice big cage! I bred leopard geckos from 2008-14 and will get back into the hobby when my kid is big enough to care for a gecko ;)

    Gecko Time: Gecko Hybridization

    I'm the one who bought the pretty hybrid in this article! I had him for many years. His name was Hermoso. He was so orange! And very tame. My best gecko ever.

    Still searching for food after eating

    Your gecko juvie looks great and healthy! By the way, you can put all your other animals into the "signature." I figured out how to do that, too ;) Then, this appears in every post you make automatically. You simply go to the top right hand corner where your avatar is, click on your login name...

    Still searching for food after eating

    Well, it's a reptile, so don't expect any feelings like dogs have for humans. But I'm sure if you fill your hand with mealworms and leave it in the cage, your Leo will come and sit on your hand to eat ;)

    New leopard gecko mom

    I'm glad he's doing better! I used to clean my cages with Lysol, and I put the geckos in different tanks until theirs were dried out and didn't smell anymore. But that only works if you have several cages. I could rotate pretty well; I used to have 48 glass tanks and about six big, wooden cages...

    Which morph?

    Hi, your English is great! I'm German, and English is also my second language. I second that; the top is a Tangerine and the bottom a Normal (wild-caught type). But that's their phenotype, meaning this is what they look like. You won't know their genotype unless you breed them, because they...

    Elderly Leopard Gecko Surgery

    Hi Alix, if he's 20 years old, I would spare him the surgery and let him live until quality of life declines, and then have him humanely euthanized. Sorry to say that, but he's had an amazing long life and been loved. If you pay a lot to have the surgery and he suffers and dies, you haven't...

    Unexpected Eggs — How am I Doing?

    The important thing is, what are you going to do with the babies IF you let them hatch. Here's a cheap Hovabator. That's like the one I had; worked like a charm. But your female may lay 2 eggs every 3 weeks for the rest of the year, so if you don't have enough cages to keep those hatchlings...

    Help please - Leopard Gecko tank

    Yes, heat mats exist in different sizes for differently sized tanks. I had the 8 inch small ones for the 10-gallon tanks, and the next high size of UTH for the 20-gallon tanks. You have to be careful, because if the heat mat is too big, the glass can crack! I had that happen once; it just got...

    Stick tail?

    Without a fecal smear, you can't treat it, because you don't know her condition. Some breeders, especially in Europe, do annual treatments of all their geckos, for example with Panacur, to deworm them and as a precaution. I've used Panacur before, but some of my geckos had worms, and they had...

    No need to treat water?

    I always used tap water, too.