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  • Hello,

    You bought a 90% CT from me a few years ago ......how did that gecko produce and do you still have it or any pics.....
    Okay, that's fine! I'll be home the whole day. You can always get more from me for a good price when you're ready!
    That works for me. I'll give you a call when I get out of work Saturday (working the early shift 7-3) and will set a time with you then. I'll go ahead and let you take them both back, I'm not going to have time or money for next breeding season as I planned and may stick to a single group for now until I get my feet back.
    Hey LZRDGRL! Just dropped by to say "Hey" and wish you a very Happy Day!! Be good to yourself and do something just for you today!!! You deserve it! :)
    hey great site i just checked it out i will def be getting in touch with you once i settle in after this move too find a new addition to my collection.
    Hi you have the best site ever so detailed for the new ones on leopards I liked it very mutch
    Cheers Dave
    i know someone who will be breeding some of the geckos you want next year at phatassgecko.com (has not updated in a while, web has email)
    Hey Meg and drummer husband ;-),

    Nope, I won't be in Wheaton on July 10th, because I will be in Murray, KY on July 9th ;-) I can only do one, and since Murray is a 2-hours, but Wheaton is a 7-hours drive from me, guess which one I chose.... But Wheaton is a great show!! The biggest I ever sold at; bigger than Indianapolis, Shepherdsville, etc.... Lots of vendors. You will enjoy it!! If you like longer travels and smaller shows, come to Kentucky ;-)
    Will you be at the next reptile expo in Wheaton? I believe its July 10. I'd love to come meet you, and thank you in person!
    Your Snows are also gorgeous, Snow Queen! We could create a club of Non-Driving Chicks who love geckos ;-)
    Wanna here something even funnier..... I do not drive either, lol, never have, also afraid to drive. Just had to share with you guys! But hey... we all love geckos.... :0) And yours are gorgeous!
    That's funny! I also don't drive because I'm afraid of driving--I have a "driver"! ;-) He takes me anywhere that's about 2 1/2 hours from Carbondale, IL. I also do shipping with shipyourreptiles.com, but meeting in person if one is just 2 hours apart can make sense if it's cheaper than 50 bucks for shipping.
    Oh okay see I don't drive becuase I am afraid of driving lol I thought that you do shipping. thanks for geting back with me on this. :)
    Hello LZDGRL I just wanted to say that your leos look awesome do you still sell them? if so oneday would sure love to by one from you. :)
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