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    Mucus in poop?

    Waited for a week to be seen and 2 weeks for results. But it came back all normal So, some geckos just have gross, wet poo At least this may give someone a peace of mind!
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    Mucus in poop?

    Thank you for your help :) I'm likely just over-worrying, but I do have an appointment set up for him next week for a fecal regardless, since it should be something I had done when he arrived, I will be sure to update with the results when I get them.
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    Mucus in poop?

    What about the 3g weight loss in a month?
  4. My stunning, Calcifer!

    My stunning, Calcifer!

    Whiteout Het Oreo :)
  5. Calcifer  - Always plotting

    Calcifer - Always plotting

  6. My beautiful fat-boi, Calcifer <3

    My beautiful fat-boi, Calcifer <3

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    Mucus in poop?

    I got my male, African Fat-Tail, Calcifer on the 28th of April this year. He's a happy, healthy boy, only roughly a year old. (Birth date, quoted May/June/July 2021 ) He's been having proper poops since I got him, but the last 2 are looking a little off. Both have been a little wet with a mucus...