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    Do you think Enigmas should still be bred from??

    Some spin all the time, some are worse than others, but the problem is that you don't know what you're going to hatch and if it's going to have terrible problems until it pops out. That's why there's a question to breed them or not. At least it's not simple recessive and animals are all over...
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    2012 Auric Hatchlings for sale

    They're both 7g, the stripe looks female so far and the retic I beilieve to be male. Prices plus shipping. $180 for the retic, should be a gorgeous adult. $150 for the stripe. They both have a lot of coloring up to do Today A few weeks ago in natural light The Stripe...
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    Jim and Barbara hatchlings

    Their first, and my first leachie hatchlings.
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    Try the dubia, but feed them old CGD and you'll still be feeding the gecko CGD. They are what their prey eats. Ashley is right, bugs in addition to CGD is a great way to get them to grow.
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    Cant Decide

    I vote gargoyles all the way. They're bigger, less jumpy and their tails don't pop off when you look at them wrong. The color spectrum you can get them in is really unique, and there aren't 5000 morphs that you need to go college to understand like cresteds.
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    Barbara and Jim- The Sorensens

    Sorry, I just now saw your post. Both of my leachies are Isle D, Brosse. Jim looks very different now, thought it's for the better. he's about 150-160g and really looking adult. I'll post some pics soon, but the uroplatus have been keeping me busy and the leachies haven't gotten as much...
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    My two Gargs

    Not necessarily. The same animal that is dark when fired up may be light when unfired. The same animal in this thread may still look like the first set of photos sometimes, and then like the second set at other times. All gargs are like this, but they can change somewhat as they grow into...
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    Sharing an x-ray

    I would, only the vet I use is "the guy" in our area. NERD (Kevin McCurley) has been using him for years. Feel free to give your opinion, I'd be interested to hear.
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    Sharing an x-ray

    Well... I requested that he check for impaction, since that was my best guess as to what was going on. He said no obvious impaction, so then I asked about eggs and he said it could maybe be egg related but nothing obvious there either. So yeah... he didn't have anything too helpful to say...
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    Sharing an x-ray

    Bad shedding, ground dwelling, difficulty sticking, lethargy, loss of appetite and no fecals for a while.
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    Sharing an x-ray

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    Sharing an x-ray

    Thought folks might wanna see this. It's not every day you get a gecko x-rayed...
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    R Leachie breeders?

    What locale are you looking for?
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    R Leachie breeders?

    Did you look at the website or email/call him, because he has tons of leachies and plenty for sale. His collection is probably the most diverse in the country, especially of locale specific leachianus. There are tons of people breeding leachies now though, just check the fauna classifieds...