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  • It's a female Uroplatus Fimbriatus. Look for my posts in the Uroplatus section, there are more of her there.
    What is the animal that you use as your profile picture? I think it's amazing looking!!
    Hi Kevin it's Karie!! I wanted to join, and ask you what type of Leo did you give me? Shes amazing and we love her sooooo much! She has shed for her first time with us and all went well!!! I am going to try to post her pics on here!! TTYS!
    hi Kevin my name is Rene and you have a great idea on that incubator. just thougt i would stop by and whats up.
    Hey Kevin,

    I'm Robert, I also live in New Hampshire and just figured I would say hey. I was in your area tonight at NERDS picking up some feeders.
    hey, i posted a reply to your question in the build your own rack. sorry again that it took so long. it just caught my eye this morning
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