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    I’m having trouble viewing the video. I’m currently on my phone. I’ll try again later on my laptop.
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    Welcome to the GF! Nice looking boy you have there. His vent area does look raw. Of age male Leopard geckos will drag their preanal pore area to mark their territory for breeding. The waxy substance on the preanal pores will rub off and mark the areas. The look funny while doing this...
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    Basking Beauty

    Great pic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys, here are some of our Crestedgecko.

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Androctonus Australis

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
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    Tangerine ph RAPTOR Female

    ID: 2310 Tangerine ph RAPTOR "G63 Project" high white sides, dorsal stripe, orange and black paradox spots Female 65 grams $155.00 + shipping
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    Eclipse het Tremper Female

    ID:2510 Eclipse het Tremper Female 51 grams $95.00 + shipping
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    G63 project X JMG Blood Hypo Female

    Tangerine ph RAPTOR G63 project x JMG Blood Hypo Female 38 grams $250.00 + shipping
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    I had a great show!

    Awesome Aliza, congrats!
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    Who is going to Tinley NARBC this weekend Oct. 11th & 12th, 2014?

    Who is vending and who is attending? Ohio Gecko - Vending
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    Chuckwalla close ups

    Thanks for sharing Krisit, the second pic isn't showing on my computer?
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    Rainbow Mealworms

    Great, please post what they did to make it right so others can see. I've never used Rainbow Mealworms before but I've never heard any negative on them before, only positive.
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    Rainbow Mealworms

    Steven, Can you share the facts with us? What the weights were and who the other breeders were? The Emails or phone conversations that you had?
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    Wanted 2 leopard geckos for sale in NE Ohio

    You posted in the right section, you just need to change the prefix from WANTED to FOR SALE. (I moved it to the wanted part of the leopard gecko classifieds. Hope that's ok.)
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    Breeder Bashing: Why I Think Their Ethics Are Unethical

    Marcy, very well worded.