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  • Hey Thad,

    FYI, Stopped by the Columbus show today and, in case you werent aware, your kids are the most professional, well-spoken, knowledgeable kids I think Ive ever met. If only my 18yo had the same ethic/want-to as yours, life would be a LOT easier..lol. Kudos!
    Just wanted to say thanks again! I picked up a trio of girls from you guys at the MI Reptile Expo in July. They're doing great! In fact the SHTCTB girl has already put on 10 grams! Hope to catch you guys up this way again at a future show :)
    Hey Ohiogecko just wanted to thank you for the emerine, he's doing good and was eating after 2 days. I saw on your website you'll be in Columbus the 19th of may I believe I will see you there! Thanks again:)
    I want to be added to the wiki but my site isn't finished yet. Kelli is building it as we speak. Should I send you my info now or after it's finished?
    Yeah I saw that she was not eating as much so I did not think anything of it sometimes they do that. Well oneday I got up and to go put her light on and she was gone :( and I was heart broken.
    Hello Thad nice to see you I know I have not been on here for a long time it is nice to be back on again. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you and your family. :)
    Hey thad, would you happen to know the name(or website name) of the guy that vendors bugs up at cleveland?
    I see that you are yellow that means that you are a moderator wow how cool is that congrats Thad. :)
    Thank you Thad when I come and get the AFT I will bring my cam and show you Abby she is doing great. :)
    Hey thad, im looking for a raptor for chrismas, got any nice Females that arnt posted on your site?
    Let me know bro, I think they're very cool geckos, especially I am a fan of Amels ;)

    Everything here is great, just waiting for the next breeding season, all of your geckos have been doing fine, they are all ready for breeding, they are actually eating a lot, especially Lil T who never refuses a meal. Hows everything at Ohio? I see you have got some AFTS and leopards from JMG, put more pictures bro, best regards.
    Just passing by, hows everything Thad? I see you have amazing projects on AFT's I'll get some for you very soon, greetings bro!
    Hi! It was good meeting you at the reptile show in Columbus a few weeks back. Captain Robert does love his new humid hide. He goes and digs around in it every night. Thanks for all the good advice!
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