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    What am i?

    Looks like a barking treefrog or a young grey treefrog
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    NARBC Tinley Park, IL

    I'll be there too right at the start on Saturday! :D But I don't know how long I'll stay because of homecoming later in the day.
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    Their most likely grey tree frogs and or spring peepers. Because I don't think leopards would be able to get into the pool.
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    Gray tree frog maybe? Was the pool above or below ground?
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    Dang cat!

    Is the bin closed?
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    Praying mantis care?

    If your going to raise them as pets, then pick a few to raise for example five or so. Then release the rest in your yard (near fall you will see a few big ones :D ). Separate the remaining ones you kept in their own containers as they are cannibals with a twig/branch. As for feeding feed them...
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    < 2 inch/ < 5.1 cm amphibians?

    It sort of depends on what exactly you have in your bin. Some things may be toxic or harmful to amphibians and reptiles. You might want to stick to what you would find around in your area that are CB. :main_thumbsup:
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    How big should the UTH be???

    I've heard that it should be around 1/3-1/2 of the floor space... so generally the same. I have my BP in a 20 long and 1/3 of the floor is covered with a UTH.
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    Alans Reptile Collection Pics

    Nice Leos! Also you would get more views if you post this in the Show of your Leos forum :main_thumbsup:
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    Few Questions

    So I just recently picked up my first snake (Spider Ball Python) at a show the first week of February and have a few questions. I've been feeding fuzzy mice(has eaten twice for me so far F/T) which are small (all I have at this time) and would like to know which would be a better feeder because...
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    Meet Henry!

    Thanks. I too also try to make it every month. lol
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    Meet Henry!

    Cool. I was there too and got my first snake... a spider BP:D
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    Meet Henry!

    Very nice! Did you happen to get him at the All Animal Expo on the 5th?
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    Scott Smith's All Animal Expo Saturday Feb 5th Wheaton IL

    I'll be there... also on the vendors list some of the links are dead or come to a domain is it possible to update them?
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    Id plz

    Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magistar).......... maybe?