Few Questions


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So I just recently picked up my first snake (Spider Ball Python) at a show the first week of February and have a few questions. I've been feeding fuzzy mice(has eaten twice for me so far F/T) which are small (all I have at this time) and would like to know which would be a better feeder because I'm heading to a show this weekend to pick some up, but don't know which ones to get. I've heard of the thing where you feed the right size feeder as thick as the snakes middle portion of the body, but have no clue how big each feeder is in girth. So far I have read that Hoppers and Fuzzy Rats are the recommended size for my snake.
Right now he is 70grams in weight and around 17-18 inches in length and his girth is around 1 inch in length if that helps.
What would you recommend?