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    Any ideas for keeping track of feeding with several species of geckos?

    It would be awesome if everyone ate on the same days..Thanks for the response..
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    I keep 5 leos, 2 male 3 female, various morphs, two have neuro issues.. 2 crested gecko male and female..2 whites tree frogs, 1 hatchling giant Day gecko(I used to breed them but sold them all and this little guy hatched out of the bioactive substrate in an empty tank,,I thought I had gotten all...
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    Baby leopard geckos!

    Good looking babies..
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    Any ideas for keeping track of feeding with several species of geckos?

    Just curious if anyone has a good idea for keeping track of feeding schedules. I have 5 leos(2 which have neuro so need to be hand fed), 2 crested geckos, 1 day gecko(2 months old) and two very young whites tree frogs..Any way with the new tree frogs I am having trouble keeping track of who eats...
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    Dubia roach colony help!

    you might consider a mealworm colony though, Super easy and a nice back up if you cant get dubias.
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    Leopard Gekko not eaten for months

    I have one female who does this every year. She eats like a pig for months then stops and wont eat for several months. I keep her weighed and she never loses a single gram..She is also my biggest fattest gecko and wont eat anything but super or meal worms..If it has antennae she will close her...
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    Under tank heater recs??

    I prefer Ultratherms myself. I have had them for years and years without any problems. And they tend not to get as hot when unregulated, so if your thermostat dies it wont kill your animal.
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    3 female and 2 male leopard geckos (Miss piggy, Pearl, Opal, Kerwyn and Strudel) various ages 1 male and 1 female giant day geckos (Jade and Pistachio) bot 3 years old 2 crested geckos, ( unnamed babies) hatchlings 1 italian greyhound (Zeus) 8 years old 1 border collie(Zoey) 7 months old 1 cat...
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    freaking out a bit with new hatchling dragon

    Well she is doing great.Eating, drinking and very active, so I feel much better about her being so small.
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    Some Beardie Questions

    I used to feed my halmahara geckos moths, they loved chasing those things around. Ive heard earth worms carry a pretty high parasite load so Id be wary of those(dont know if its true or not).
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    freaking out a bit with new hatchling dragon

    okay this little guy is only about 2 inches long.I knew he was young but didnt realize he was just a hatchling.I bought him yesterday and now Im getting scared.He is so small I worry. He is in a 10 gal with uvb flourescent tube and a basking light(regular 60 watt).Paper towel and water dish...
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    My New Lady

    That thing is huge but very cool.Ive never seen a beetle that big before.
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    Pics of some of my Sand Boas!!

    Sweet! I love the rough scaled, very interesting pattern. I just ordered my first pair of normal kenyan sand boas so Im pretty hyped. It may be awhile before they are shipped because of the nasty weather. The males are so much smaller then the females its almost comic isnt it?
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    Look what i came home to LOL

    Wow that is too cool. I love the way he looks. I never realized how big they got.
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    Collared Lizards

    Ive considered getting a trio from Suncharmers, she doesnt have any hatched at the moment but the prices are reasonable and she has been breeding them for years now.I bet she will have some early summer. But it would include shipping as she is in AZ. But I think its worth it. Suncharmers...