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    25% Off Repashy Products---USPS Shipping available---Gecko Feeder Insects & Supplies

    Hello Gecko Forums :happy: Check us out on Social Media: Have you ever wanted to try one of the many Repashy products, and the price at the time was just too much for you to try...
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    Lesser Waxworm Cultures (Mini Waxworms) ($11.99 for MONTHS of Gecko Food!)

    May I introduce an insect only so many of you are familiar with... The Lesser Waxworm or Achroia grisella Larva A very rare find on the US market Culture easily at room temperature. Small Waxworm, about 1/4 the size of a normal Greater Waxworm Sold in living culture Inexpensive...
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    Top Quality Teal Hornworms from a source you can trust: Buy 5 Pods, Get 6th for Free

    Hello Gecko Forums! It's Dave from Small Pet Feeders again with another fantastic feeder insect for your geckos and other exotic pets. To explain a bit of what we do, we buy our insects from all the top farms in the country, sparing no expense to bring you the best quality insects on the...
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    Phoenix Worms! (2 for $12.99, 4 for $23.99)

    Phoenix Worms (AKA Black Soldier Fly Larva) The larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly, Phoenix Worms have been fed to many thousands of animals by breeders and hobbyists over the past ten years. Recommended by veterinarians, genuine Phoenix Worms are the...
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    CRICKETS by the Cup! Pinheads, 1/2", 3/4", 1" Available! (50,100,250,400,1000 counts)

    Hello everyone, If you're anything like me, you don't have just one size of reptile or pet. I personally have frogs, chameleons, bearded dragons, and even mantis's, all requiring a different size cricket. Well now you can get crickets by the cup (50, 100, 250, or 400 per cup) of different...
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    Trade in your Roaches for other Feeders!

    You read right, we need your roaches to bolster our stocks. We are offering the cost of shipping + a store voucher for the wholesale value of your roaches, which will be discussed before shipping and verified after shipping. Currently, we're actively seeking... Blaberus Discoidialis Blaptica...
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    Butterworms! Perfect Healthy feeder for leopards! Can be kept for 2 months in fridge

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to post an update that we now have a high amount of butterworms in stock, available to include with your hornworms, silkworm eggs, fruit fly cultures with real fruit,superworms, or crickets. Nutritional Information Moisture 58.54 Ash 1.04 Protein 16.20...
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    Magical Geckos

    Yes, this issue is more than solved. Wow.
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    Small Pet Feeders - Am i in the wrong?

    That's the nature of the business, a lot of cricket farmers are just that, farmers. They don't get too "digital", some do, not the ones I prefer to work with. I like helping the small guy, and sometimes it comes back to bite me in the ass.
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    Magical Geckos

    The tracking system is set up. Just not for the crickets and superworms. Dennis and I have already talked, and everything is a lot better. I think we let the worst come out of both of us, him mainly because I called him a thief, and me because I felt like I was getting scammed. We finally...
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    Small Pet Feeders - Am i in the wrong?

    Moderator, please delete the thread labeled "Magical Geckos". Let's end this senselessness before it gets any worse.
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    Magical Geckos

    I've posted my response to the situation in the other thread. I apologize to everyone for the unprofessional nature of the whole situation, it's hard to think clearly when you're dealing with economic issues and an angry mindset. Sorry for wasting everyone's time with this childish nonsense.
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    Small Pet Feeders - Am i in the wrong?

    Alright here's the deal. I've had a second to chill out and put this in perspective. Dennis, you have never stolen from me before, so I can't draw the conclusion that you are stealing from me now. It's wrong of me to label you a thief with only my personal feeling as evidence against you, as...
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    Magical Geckos

    A good PR experience? When can you ever get a positive PR experience from a person, who you believe strongly is untrustworthy, is now not only ripping you off, but dragging your name through the mud after you sent a duplicate of his order which you're already losing on. So now with his "non...
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    Magical Geckos

    Honestly, a "Dispute" is between two parties, and all I see next to a big red DISPUTE is "Small Pet Feeders". If they changed the keyword from Dispute to BASHING, then you're right, I guess that is a one ended deal. If you don't want to read my end of the argument, please don't read the...