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    Father and Son, a real "Monster"

    He is in total 23,08 cm long ( 9,09 inches ) regards stefan
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    Father and Son, a real "Monster"

    Hello and thanks for the nice words. About the big male, he actually weights 132 gr. and is indeed one of my best breeders. some of you might think that a male with this weight will be more lazy and not active in breeding, but i can just promise this one is a very good breeder. I also never...
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    Father and Son, a real "Monster"

    Hello, here is one of my breeders males ( 3,5 years old ) and one of his offspring a young male from June 2010. The breeder male is a real big "Monster", some of you guys had a look at him at the hamm show last saturday. enjoy the picture. regards stefan
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    some of this year babies.....

    Hello. Just thought to take some pictures of some of this year baby fattails ( hets and amels ) The older ones are increasing good colors now. Many more are on the way, so more pictures will follow the next weeks. hope you enjoy them. thanks for looking... regards stefan. some hets...
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    Update on our first Albino girl

    Absolutly amazing animal. Thanks for sharing. regards stefan
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    Our new fatties from Hamm show (including updated from old ones)

    Great Collection of some very nice Fattails. thanks for sharing. regards stefan
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    A few fatties from this season

    Congrats for those nice looking fattails. looks like a good season for you until now. regards stefan
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    bold stripe on fattail head.....

    Hello. Thanks for your post´s about my question. I just had no striped fattail hatched out until now, which stripe startet in front of the eyes and not behind, so i thought if anyone had some pictures of same animals. the little fattail had his first shed now, and still proved out the...
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    little bunch of baby fattails.......pic

    I use the SIM container to hatch those, but the first ones i hatched out by incubating the eggs in perlite. You find the my experience with the SIM in the "Breeding Part" here of Fattails. But for now i have a good result with the SIM and just will hatch out some more soon. thanks. regards...
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    little bunch of baby fattails.......pic

    Hello. I am locatet in Germany and also sell or trade them there, mostly at the German Hamm Reptile Expo. regards stefan
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    first baby of the 2010 season is getting nice.....

    thank you all for the kind words. regards stefan
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    my first S.I.M. hatch.....

    Thanks for the nice words. I still hatched out some more fattails and also my first australian gecko ( strophurus taenicauda ) in the SIM container. It seems to be a good alternative for me compared to the other normal incubation methods. I still test this for myself this season and until...
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    bold stripe on fattail head.....

    Hello. I just have hatched out a striped fattail lately which has some interesting bold stripe on his head, also interesting is, that the stripe still starts in front of the eyes and not behind. my question is just, if someone has something simular experience with striped fattails so far (...
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    little bunch of baby fattails.......pic

    Hello. The parents of those are still striped ones, but i have some groups, so this is just the start of babies, but looks good for striped ones so far. regards stefan
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    little bunch of baby fattails.......pic

    Those are hatched so far for this year, the oldest are 3 weeks now and the youngest hatched out lately. i am expecting many more so pictures will be posted then. enjoy them. thanks for looking.... regards stefan