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    Best Gecko's For 20gal.

    Good point.
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    Best Gecko's For 20gal.

    I like Tokays and a single one would work. Viet Nam vets call them F**k you lizards.
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    Hi Y'all!

    Welcome. First, are you looking at nocturnal geckos ( most common ) or day geckos? I have Giant Day Geckos Phelsuma grandis myself.
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    Wild Type

    It will be a couple of months before I'm ready to buy, but I'm looking around and it seems that old fashioned wild type Leopards are pretty scarce. Not surprising really.
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    Giant day gecko

    Amen, Aliza. I have a pair of Phelsuma grandis in a 48x18x24 converted 90 gallon aquarium. The cover is 2/3 glass and 1/3 screen. Light is provided by a 10x46 inch LED panel and a 44 inch UVB florescent tube with a conventional 100 watt incandescent light which provides a surface temp on the...
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    Comment by 'sunfighter' in media '5B94EF54-AC70-4FC7-B0D8-9A910B651476.jpeg'

    I've never seen a gecko with eyes like that. What is it?
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    I've had my MistKing for 9 months now and still haven't managed to program it. I work on it for an hour or two and give up, come back to it in a couple of months, repeat. I've watched a bunch of youtube videos but they all seem to start in the middle.
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    P. grandis

    I finally got my Phelsuma grandis about a month ago and thought I'd share a photo of the setup now that it's grown in a bit. I wish I could clean the glass better. Before I put anything in there, I tried everything from vinegar to CLR. It's not really as bad as it looks in the picture.
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    Accidental meeting/breeding of older geckos.

    Love will find a way.:)
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    Resurection Fern

    Thanks this is housing P. grandis. I'm a little concerned that it will get out of control, but hey I should be able to cut it back.
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    Resurection Fern

    does anyone use Resurection Ferns in their vivarium?
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    Gecko Diet

    Hey, thanks.
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    Gecko Diet

    I see that Repashy and Pangea both offer Gecko diets with insects. Has anyone tried them? I like Pangea, bit it's not my opinion that matters. Do Geckos like it?
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    The usual problem with a Tokay is keeping him from catching you.:)

    The usual problem with a Tokay is keeping him from catching you.:)
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    Springtail infestation please help!

    Newly purchased grain products cab be placed in the microwave for a few minutes to kill adults, larvae, pupae and eggs of any unwanted insects.