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    I wanna get a gecko but I need help

    Welcome! Research, research, research! Learn all you can before you get your new gecko.
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    Hi, and welcome!
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    Welcome to!

    Hi and welcome!
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    Tips for new U. fimbriatus owner

    Hi Henry, and welcome to the site!
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    Help Injured Wild Gecko

    Some wild creatures just don't do well in captivity. Is it really an invasive species? If so, don't release it back into the wild, but if it's not invasive, it would be best to put it back where you found it.
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    Eier Ablage ohne Männchen

    Hi, ciwi92: Please translate your posts into English, as this is an English-speaking Forum. I have used Google translate for you this first time, but after this your German posts will be deleted. From Google translate: Hello I have a question I have a Conrau`s pygmy gecko lygodactylus I...
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    Moldy egg

    I totally agree with Aliza. I leave eggs in the incubator until they either explode or turn black and shrivel.
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    Welcome to the Forum, David!
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    Hi, everyone great to meet you!

    Welcome to the Forum, Jay Ror!
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    What's up with my gargoyle's toe?

    Best to post a picture of the toes so we can better help you.
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    Welcome, Laura!
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    Please help, I dont know what's wrong with my gecko

    Could it be hardened poop that needs to be taken off?
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    Newbie 23