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    How close are we to hatching?

    Thanks! At day 32 today. Eggs are looking VERY plump from what I can see!! :)
  2. Priscilla 2021 clutch

    Priscilla 2021 clutch

  3. Spot


    Spot is a 1 1/2 year old wildcaught bloodline female from Geckosetc.
  4. Zoe11032 geckos/info!

    Zoe11032 geckos/info!

  5. Honey


    Honey is a 2 year old female super hypo carrot tail baldy, from Geckosetc.
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    Nice to meet you! Zoe11032

    Hi all! I'm Zoe. I'm a college student, currently studying veterinary science- with a focus on becoming a veterinary technician. I have 5 leos, 4 females and one male (al adults) I have 3 beardies: 2 adult females and 1 male. A cockatiel, 2 dogs (great Pyrenees and pitbull), 2 cats, 2 guinea...
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    How close are we to hatching?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here :) I have a quick question. I have a female leopard gecko that laid 3.26.2021. I am incubating for TSM (temp. sex males), at 88 F. When should I expect these babies to hatch? I've heard anywhere from 30-50 days. So if I put it in a calendar, what is the earliest and...