Nice to meet you! Zoe11032


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Hi all! I'm Zoe. I'm a college student, currently studying veterinary science- with a focus on becoming a veterinary technician. I have 5 leos, 4 females and one male (al adults) I have 3 beardies: 2 adult females and 1 male. A cockatiel, 2 dogs (great Pyrenees and pitbull), 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, a syrian hamster, 2 goldfish, kenyan sand boa, 2 corn snakes, a ball python, a dumpys tree frog, 6 chickens, and finally a yellow rat snake. Yes, our house is a zoo. I have bred in the past, about 3 years ago (bearded dragons) and took a break. I also am an equestrian and am an avid horror movie/metal music fan. I have 2 leopard gecko clutches with some more on the way. One is due to hatch any day now! Nice to meet you all! Feel free to PM me to chat more.
Warm regards, Zoe :)

priscilla 2021 clutch.PNG 178723724_1867662510060339_8213788342106091823_n.jpg 2021-04-17_17-29-32_124.jpeg


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Somerville, MA
Great group of animals! I have a number as well, but I don't think a horse would fit in my living room. Welcome! Enjoy the site.


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