1. J

    Is IR light bad for geckos?

    Hi there, I have a webcam in my gecko's hide which is great for the daytime, but when the lights turn off I can't see her, I'm wondering if I could use an IR lightbulb to light up the hide without disturbing the gecko, for those who don't know, IR light is invisible to the naked eye, but...
  2. C

    Need help with what Gecko!

    Hello, I’m completely new to this and am looking at getting a gecko as a pet but don’t know where to begin! I live in the UK, I’m wanting a gecko that is relatively easy to look after (I know all will need the relevant attention) and also a breed that will be comfortable with handling and...
  3. M

    Aggressive Crestie!

    I got my crested gecko back in April this year. She was/is around 2 years old when I got her. She has a 18x18x24 enclosure with plenty of greenery and hides. I feed her repashy every other night and mist her every night. Her humidity stays at about 70-80 at night and 50 throughout the day. Her...
  4. D

    Feeding advice/ help!

    Hello! This is our Leo! He all of a sudden stopped eating 4 weeks ago and has not had a meal since!! He has shed within that time and ate his skin but still refuses to even look at a single meal worm. I am at a complete loss after trying lots of different things and just want to see if anyone...
  5. B

    Gecko squeals randomly?

    Hello! So a few months ago (4) I bought my second Leopard Gecko and they randomly squeal? It’s not chirping or barking or screaming so I have no idea why. Just random little squeals for a few seconds and when I check on them they’re just chilling so I don’t know if I should be worried?
  6. T

    Two new Leopard Geckos with... weird behavior?

    Hi guys! I’m new to reptile ownership in general, but I’ve done a lot of research over the past six months and I’m pretty sure I have general care... down-ish. I know what vitamins and different types of calcium to use, what feed to give them, what their environment needs. They’re both lovely...
  7. Siege

    Crested/Tokay Hybrid

    For a long time I've been fascinated with hybrids, and I was hoping to ask around before starting a new project. I want to know if anyone has, or has heard of, hybridizing tokays and cresties. I know with snakes you can hybridize an arboreal python from Africa to a terrestrial colubrid from...
  8. L


    Hello, I am new to reptiles in general and have been doing a lot of research on leopard geckos before purchasing one and have joined here to get some first hand experienced cares information. Any and all info is welcome. I love the black and white snow morphs and am thinking about getting one...
  9. Taterbunny

    AFT Rescue advice?

    So this Friday, I'm taking in two AFT rescues. The lady who has them says they were surrendered to her at her work recently, and she's been trying to find them homes. We both agree that the previous owner had no idea what they were doing. So the situations and what I can gather from pics: 1...
  10. Firetail

    Thread: What killed this Turner gecko? (Warning: gruesome images)

    So here's what's happened. I had a pair of turner geckos for the past 3 and half years, last 3 in the same terrarium. I always fed them vitamin powdered crickets. They were both doing fine up to a few weeks ago. I noticed it was looking thinner but I figured it might have been the changing...
  11. B


    Good evening, everyone. My name is Nate and I just got my first leopard gecko two days ago. I posted in the leopard gecko care forum about my setup asking for advice. I have two dogs, three cats, three ball pythons, fish, a bearded dragon, albino ratsnake, and a rosehair tarantula. House is...
  12. M

    Hello, I've got two leopard geckos

    Hello, I've had two female leopard geckos for almost 6 months now. A mother & daughter; Instagram And our viv looks a bit like this; Instagram I'm on here looking for some advice on heat lamps as I don't think my heat mat alone is sufficient.
  13. L

    Gecko Died in Transit

    Hey so I normally don't do things like this but I feel particularly desperate for some clarity or advice or really anything right now. I was taking care of a friends leo over the summer while they were away. She was perfectly happy and healthy and a real joy to have around and I grew very...
  14. H

    Newbie here!

    Hello! Jonathan from HQexotics here! Hoping to get some good new information because I am an amateur breeder! Thanks! :):main_yes::main_laugh:
  15. F


    I'm Holly, and I currently live in Atlanta. I own 8 leopard geckos, I rescue/adopt them only. I'm not very interested in breeding or collecting, just rescuing as a hobby. Sadly i'm not super interesting. I just have interesting geckos with amazing stories. I actually came here to find a...
  16. A

    Beginner, Please help me!

    How old does a crested need to be before you can put him in a big viv? Also how old does a crested need to be before you can determine the gender? Last, there are some little white bugs in my viv(no idea if they are springtails or mites), can these hurt a gecko?:main_huh::o:main_huh: