Gecko Died in Transit


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Hey so I normally don't do things like this but I feel particularly desperate for some clarity or advice or really anything right now. I was taking care of a friends leo over the summer while they were away. She was perfectly happy and healthy and a real joy to have around and I grew very attached to her very quickly.
When the time came though, I had arranged with my friend to have her shipped overnight ( from Maine to California). I watched multiple video's on packing leo's for transport and even ordered a kit complete with a heatpack and deli cup which I assembled about an hour before taking her to the FedEX office...
I recieved word the next day from my friend that she didn't survive the journey, and i'm so heartbroken I don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking that I must have done something wrong even though I followed the packing instructions exactly.
Maybe she was handled improperly, or she got too stressed out from the trip...I don't know..but either way I feel an enormous sense of guilt and I just wish I could know what happened...
I don't know if my friend will ever forgive me. She was a beautiful incredible creature and I'm haunted by the fact that she spent her final hours in a box...
I don't know what to do..


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I'm not too sure but maybe the labeling since you didn't mention labeling the box.

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